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Candid Conversation:
I'm a rural American rabbi with a black son, here's what I learned

Rabbi Chaim Bruk is one of the most remarkable rabbis you will ever meet.
He, along with his wife Chavie, are the subject of the documentary "The Rabbi Goes West", he was nominated by as a 2018 "Father of the Year", and he is a regular contributor of thought-provoking articles to Huffpost.

Most importantly, he and Chavie are the loving parents to five beautiful children whom they adopted and now raise in Big Sky Country. They were the first Chabad emissaries in Montana, and serve as the the spiritual leaders for the Jewish community in Bozeman, Montana, and beyond. One of their goals is to put a Kosher Mezuzah on every Jewish home in Montana.

Described as "The world’s funniest Hasidic rabbi" and as "a very nice guy with incredible patience and a realistic approach to fatherhood," Rabbi Bruk will share his thoughts, life-experiences and words of wisdom, he will speak about the pain of infertility, the joys and challenges of child-raising, the uniqueness of a Chassidic multiracial family, and the goal of bringing the light of Judaism to the "down south."

Multiple Dates
Feb 03, 6:00 PM
Chabad of the East Side
Join us for a Persian feast, prepared by our local Persian community member, Aliza Shabani. Menu highlights include: Ghormeh Sabzi (Herbed Stew) Khoresh Gheymeh (Red Lentil Stew) Persian White Rice with Tahdig And more!
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