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Meet the Leins

Yisroel Lein


Mushka Lein


Yisroel was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and attended yehivas across the globe, including New York, Toronto, and Israel, learning his Talmudic and Rabbinic studies.

Rabbi Lein has been working with Jews around the world, running Passover seders, holiday services, and Jewish summer camps in Ukraine, London, Denmark, and Oklahoma.

Mushka was born and raised in West Hartford, CT, where her parents established and continue to run the Chabad center. She attended school in Brooklyn, NY, and then visited Israel for a year, before returning to NY to complete her education.

Having been rasied in an environment where reaching out to and caring for other Jews was natural, she became involved in Jewish outreach work throughout the country – California, Alabama, Virginia, and Connecticut.

Rabbi Yisroel and Mushka were married in 2009 and have 9 children:
Mendel, Maish, Dovi, Nochum, Zevi, Chana, Sara, Leah, and Gita.

They moved to Milwaukee from New York when they were given the opportunity follow their calling to be involved in Jewish outreach. They plan to make Chabad of the East Side a vibrant and active Jewish community center, a place where Jews from all backgrounds will feel comfortable and inspired. 

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