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Weekly Classes


Talmud Class 
Sharpen your skills and stimulate those brain cells! Learn the wisdom of the Talmud in a fascinating class with Rabbi Lein.
Rabbi Lein, Mondays: 7:30pm

In Depth Chassidus Class

Delve into the mystical secrets of the Torah and discover the deep-rooted fundamentals of Chabad Chassidus.
Rabbi Shmotkin, Tuesdays: 7:30pm

The Great Debate 
Learn about the evolution of Jewish law and the Talmudic explanations. Enjoy lively discussion and discover the practical application. 

Rabbi Lein, Summertime Shabbat, between Afternoon and Evening services. 

Seasonal Classes

Think Jewish

Think Jewish: the course teaching HOW TO THINK JEWISH. You won't just walk out with information; more importantly, you'll learn how to approach, process & internalize the materials taught.

Each lesson will deliver contemporary thought and novel perspectives culled from within the historic Talmudic texts. Every lesson will leave you with multiple Aha! moments!

16 Mondays: 7:00 pm

Ladies Rosh Chodesh Class 

Join us for a monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering, a night out to celebrate our identity as Jewish women!

Rosh Chodesh marks the beginning of the new Jewish month, and it is the time for a pause, reflection, and a fresh start.

​Explore mystical and practical insights on the upcoming month.  Small bites & sips. Connect with other local Jewish women.
Monthly Tuesdays: 7:30 pm 


One-on-One Learning 
Got questions? Choose any Jewish topic and we’ll connect you with a study partner.

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