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Ongoing Weekly Classes

In Depth Chassidut 
Challenge yourself! Explore the teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut in an intense study class with Rabbi Lein. 
Sundays: 7:00 am 


Torah & Tea 
Join together with fellow Jewish women for some warm camaraderie, hot tea and delicious refreshments! This weekly study group for women brings the tradition of classical Jewish learning in an engaging and interactive setting. 
Mondays: 1:00 pm 
The home of Mushka Lein, 3133 N Hackett Ave.

In the footsteps of the Prophets| Jewish History and more

Join our newest course as we  explore Jewish life in the times of the Prophets, discover deeper meaning in their ancient texts, and apply its lessons to our modern lives.

Every other Monday: 7:30 pm

Private home, contact for address

Ladies Tanya Class 
Probe the deepest recesses of your soul and mind. Understand what’s truly going on inside you and learn how to channel your inner powers. Delve, decipher, and discuss, woman to woman. 
Tuesdays: 8:00 pm 
Private home, contact for address

Talmud Class 
Sharpen your skills and stimulate those brain cells! Learn thewisdom of the Talmud in a fascinating class with Rabbi Lein. Homemade pastry served. 
Wednesdays: 8:00pm

The Great Debate 
Learn about the evolution of Jewish law and the Talmudic explanations. Enjoy lively discussion and discover the practical application. 
Summertime Shabbat, between Afternoon and Evening services. 



One-on-One Learning 
Got questions? Choose any Jewish topic and we’ll connect you with a study partner.

JLI's newest Offering:
The Dilemma






Apply mind-bending, brain-twisting, hair-splitting Talmudic reasoning to solve real-life modern dilemmas—situations that actually happened yet seem impossible to solve.

What do you do when your gut tells you one thing, and your brain tells you another?
Prepare for a mental expedition to mind-wrestle with situations that force us to choose between two reasonable truths.

The Dilemma: Modern Conundrums. Talmudic Debates. Your Solutions.
A new six-week course starting Monday, Jan., 23rd

Enroll today! 

Study on your own with's Daily Study Portal

Follow along's Daily study partner for online classes for the daily Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya and Rambam schedules.

Chabad of the East Side offers several adult learing opportunities - from one-on-one study sessions, to weekly classes focusing in on one aspect of Judaism, to in-depth six week courses, to featured lectures. There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome! 



All classes are held at Chabad of the East Side: 3030 E Kenwood Boulevard, Milwaukee  
(unless otherwise noted)

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