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7:00-8:00 pm
@ Chabad of the East Side

Think Jewish: the course teaching HOW TO THINK JEWISH.

You won't just walk out with information; more importantly, you'll learn how to approach, process & internalize the materials taught.

Each lesson will deliver contemporary thought and novel perspectives culled from within the historic Talmudic texts. Every lesson will leave you with multiple Aha! moments!

Spring Semester Classes

Our first lesson, Monday, April 24, will explore the kabbalists' unique approach to love.

Our second lesson, Monday, May 1, will tackle the difficult topic of the Evil Eye and how dispel it. 

Our third lesson, Wednesday, April 10, will delve into the reasoning behind our Kosher dietary laws.

Our fourth lesson, Monday, May 15, will examine the history, authorship & Power of King David's Psalms.

Join us on a journey of discovery!

Think Jewish RSVP

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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