Rabbi Lein's Musings

I don't think of myself as a Public speaker; that doesn't stop me from speaking publicly. I don't think of myself as a writer; that doesn't stop me from writing.

Since moving to Milwaukee 7 years ago, I've been asked and encouraged by friends, numerous times, to write. I never took it seriously. I figured there are writers more qualified than me out there who deserve my readers' time more than I do.

Recently, something's changed in me. I'm not sure what it is, as I'm still trying to put my finger on it. When I figure it out, it'll be another post on this newly formed blog.

In the meantime, enjoy my musings.

P.S. My promise to you: I won't become the writer who writes only because he has a deadline. If (and that's a big if...) I don't find meaning in my writing, you won't see it.

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