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Rabbi Lein's Musings

I don't think of myself as a Public speaker; that doesn't stop me from speaking publicly. I don't think of myself as a writer; that doesn't stop me from writing.

Since moving to Milwaukee 7 years ago, I've been asked and encouraged by friends, numerous times, to write. I never took it seriously. I figured there are writers more qualified than me out there who deserve my readers' time more than I do.

Recently, something's changed in me. I'm not sure what it is, as I'm still trying to put my finger on it. When I figure it out, it'll be another post on this newly formed blog.

In the meantime, enjoy my musings.

P.S. My promise to you: I won't become the writer who writes only because he has a deadline. If (and that's a big if...) I don't find meaning in my writing, you won't see it.

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I do sincerely hope that you will continue Rabbi Lein's musings. "Words that come from the heart, enter the heart," and your writings clearly portray deep thoughts, care and love that are an inspiration to me, and I am sure will be to others as well. You wrote, "I won't become the writer who writes only because he has a deadline." While that's good, I am sure that with your reflective nature and your inquisitive mind that you will find much to share, and hopefully often. Wishing you tremendous success in this endeavor, from an ardent fan. Keep writing!

Mi piace
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