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The Long Goodbye

I find myself thinking a lot about space recently. Not the space NASA spent billions exploring; rather the space we each occupy and explore every moment of our lives. Ever went on a buy/sell page on Facebook and saw a post selling furniture? The first 3 responses will look something like this: 1. Interested, pending dimensions. 2. Next! (Pending husband's response) 3. Next! This looks perfect for us (if dimensions don't work for person 1). Nothing in this world can exist without taking up space. In fact, the occupied space in many cases is the firmest definition of existence for so much of our reality. Just ask a New York City driver what's the most pressing question of his life. The answer, 9 out of 10 times, will be: "do I fit in that parking space?" On the physical plane, only one object can occupy a particular space at a time. Hence the popular game King of the Hill, where players compete to maintain position on top of the hill where there's only space for one. But our hearts are different. The spirit in our heart is an ever-expanding space. What can fit in our heart? As much as we let in. A person can love lots of people at the same time. Unfortunately, so can one harbor hate towards many people. The space in our heart for emotions has the magical ability to grow according to the demands we place upon it. For the last couple of years, we had the amazing merit to host the Friendship Circle's bakery. 3 or 4 days a week, we were witness to the magic of the Friendship Circle. Tens of people coming through the doors, participating, volunteering, learning, and creating fabulous kosher baked goods for the greater Milwaukee community. But in just a few months (pending dimensions...), They'll be moving to a location they can call they're own, in Fox Point. While I'm so excited for them to move into their new space, and I know they're not going too far, I'm going to miss having them around. I'm going to miss the positive energy they exude, the delicious smells, and mostly the PEOPLE of the Friendship Circle. So on Sunday, Join me in honoring and supporting the great work of the Friendship Circle at their annual Walk 4 Friendship, when they raise the necessary funds to continue impacting lives. Don't just talk the talk; you gotta walk the walk! Shabbat Shalom

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