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(un)Planned Jumpstart

Getting 6 kids out of the house dressed, fed, and ready for school every day isn't an easy task. Add in the fact that they need to be out by 7:55 am, and it only gets harder. In our home, here's how it works: I'm usually out of the house by 6:35 am for davening. 3 days a week, I'm back by 7:40 to help the kids finish breakfast, load them in the car, and take them to school. 2 days a week, I have a morning class with Jim, so Mushka gets the kids ready and takes them to school. Today was one of Mushka's days. She needs to get herself ready to leave the house, as well as the kids, on her own. Imagine my reaction when Jim doesn't show up, and my regular Tuesday class gets cancelled at the last second. I immediately text Mushka "no Jim today. I can take the kids to school today." A few minutes later her reply: "we're on our way out". 2 minutes later my phone rings. Mushka: "the car won't start. I think it's the battery. Can you help me get out?" Me: " sure, I'll be there in a second". Pulling up 2 minutes later, I grab my jumper cables from my trunk, coming to the garage. The minivan in neutral, I give it a hard shove and it rolls out just enough for me to pull up and give her a boost. 3 minutes after calling me, she's on her way with the kids. And I'm still wondering why Jim's alarm chose today, of all days, not to ring.

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